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Dreaming of the Seven Sisters

This image was inspired by the myth of the Seven Sisters. In the Greek version of this myth, seven beautiful sisters were being relentlessly pursued by Orion. Zeus helped them escape by turning them into seven doves that flew into the sky becoming a constellation called the Pleiades.

Interestingly, the Kiowa, a Native American tribe had a similar legend in which even maidens were transported into the sky by the Great Spirit to save them from giant bears. I found the imagery around this story to be so intriguing that it entered my dreams and later this piece of art.

8"x8" on cradled wooden board. Ready to frame or hang on the wall as is. Detail shots show a close-up of one of the sisters becoming a dove and a side view shot that shows the painted white sides and how the painting can be hung on the wall as is. Print now available on professional fine art paper.

$150 On Cradled Wood Board.
Small Print, Printed on 8.5"x11" paper
$25 Unframed