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About Leah Piken Kolidas

Dream-like, intuitive, art to touch your heart and inspire your creative soul.

About the Artist: Leah Piken Kolidas grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, surrounded by tall trees. From the age of two, she was drawing constantly. She told her parents that she liked to "drawf a wady" (draw a lady) and she still enjoys drawing the female figure. At a young age, she knew that wherever her life led her, it would have something to do with art. Leah graduated with a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1999 with Distinguished Honors.

Leah has also worked as a mural artist and a museum manager; and she has done creative work in graphic and web design. Besides painting, she loves reading, writing, collecting odds and ends for collages, animals, trees, the moon, spending time with family and friends, drinking hot chocolate, and laughing loudly. Leah lives near Boston with her husband, their daughter and their three cats.

About the Art: Leah's art is like a visual puzzle where layers of seemingly unrelated images are collaged together to tell a story. Much of her art involves telling the stories of women through exploring the symbols and experiences that call to be expressed. In telling these stories, Leah finds she's telling her own story and others often find their own meaning and connection in the pieces. Connecting with others through her art, is one of Leah's greatest joys.

About the Website: Leah's business is Blue Tree Studios, LLC. Why Blue Tree? Simply because Leah has always been drawn to trees, she loves to paint them, and blue is her favorite color. The Blue Tree Art Gallery website was created as a place to see Leah's artwork, purchase artwork for sale, and keep updated on the latest shows, classes, available art, etc...